Freyda Weis - Speech Therapist

Freyda Weis - Speech Therapist

Speech TherapistFreyda Weis is a Jerusalem-based speech therapist.
One of Israel's few experts on Oral Facial Myology, Freyda's methods target the root source of each individual's difficulty, to help gain an improved quality of life .

For over 25 years, Freyda has empowered hundreds of English- and Hebrew-speaking adults and children to overcome their obstacles to speech, swallowing and other oral functions. Amazing results have been achieved thanks to a creative, motivating approach and deep understanding of how the human mouth needs to work.

Besides holding a Master's degree and license in Speech-Language Pathology (CUNY), Freyda also completed training as a lactation consultant. She was the first in Israel to earn a NOMAS license (Neonatal Oral-Motor Assessment Scale), obtained through one-on-one training with its creator.
She dedicated decades to studying innovations in her professional field, by interning, attending courses, and collaborating with leading experts on speech and feeding across the United States.

Freyda realized the gap in Israeli speech and swallowing treatment programs, especially for challenges caused by Down's Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, brain injury and birth defects .
She became the first pediatric speech pathologist at Hadassah Medical Center, a post that lasted 10 years. During that time, She co-founded The Center for Feeding and Nutritional Disorders in the children's outpatient clinic at Mt Scopus, Jerusalem.
She also joined the team at Israel's National Down Syndrome Clinic, where most of her patients encountered essential oral motor therapies for the first time.

Freyda founded Al Peh: Oral Functioning Solutions in 2012 to upgrade the skillset of Israeli practitioners and parents on oral motor and oral sensory disorders.
Al-Peh is celebrating the game-changing contribution to her field in Israel, brought about through workshops, lecturing by Freyda and online resources.


Freyda is available for private treatment of speech and swallowing issues in the Jerusalem area.

Call  052-5287-726