About Al-Peh

About Al-Peh

It all starts with the mouth.

What a wonderful, complex organ. Muscles and sensors in the month form the gateway to our overall health and experience of the world, by the way that we eat, drink, swallow and talk. But using that area of our body to its full potential sometimes takes a bit of help.

Al-Peh was established in 2012 by veteran speech pathologist Freyda Weis (MSci), to upgrade Israeli treatment methods for speech, eating and swallowing difficulties. Our mission is to empower every therapist and every client with the most effective strategies to gain control of the mouth's motor and sensory habits. We promote the latest expert knowledge and techniques from around the world, such as Oral Placement Therapy and Orofacial Myology.

Training Courses

Huge clinical strides have been made in our field that are not yet being taught in Israel’s speech and occupational therapy programs. Al-Peh is committed to filling this gap by offering specialized training in Oral Sensory-Motor Disorders for treating speech, eating and swallowing problems at all stages of life.

As a practitioner, a top priority is enriching your expertise to offer your clients the best possible strategies for maximal functioning. Our workshops provide an important and necessary opportunity for you to invest in your skillset and in your clients.

We welcome parents of patients to join too, to educate yourselves and connect with professionals.

Special Resources

We want to equip anyone who might benefit from our professional resources. This includes those whose loved ones have challenges with verbal or physical symptoms that impact their overall quality of life. Certain conditions such as Cerebral Palsy and Down's Syndrome impair oral functioning, and is often not treated appropriately.

Thankfully, methods do exist to solve all types of speech and feeding issues, and with the right approach (and motivation!) you can achieve game-changing results.

Please browse through our website to enjoy:

Israel's largest selection of oral sensory-motor tools.

Our product catalogue offers tools to improve speech and feeding/swallowing skills at home in a practical and fun way.

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• A register of Israeli therapists with OPT training (Oral Placement Therapy)

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